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Testimonial: Dr. R.K.S. MD. "I highly recommend Therapy Desk products for better health."

I invented thera-P-desk, a unique, revolutionary, and patented family of desktop and laptop devices, to provide therapeutic help to fingers, wrists, arms, legs, and spines of millions of people world wide. Most people typically work sitting down on computers and laptops for long hours at a time. Our products help to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, back, leg, and circulatory problems that are often associated with working on desktop and laptop computers.


Innovative and patented desk top monitor stands, laptop stands, DIY desk kits are specially designed to provide better health while working sitting down, or standing up. These are made of high quality and high density MDF, hand rubbed, hand painted and finished with coatings of water resistant Polyurethane. The top surfaces and legs of monitors, keyboards, laptop stands and foot exerciser all have slip resistant textured paint. The comparison chart clearly shows the superior features of thera-P-desk family of products compared to competitors such as Veridesk and others.

Therapy Desk




Lightweight (24lbs max). One person can carry.

Heavy (50-60lbs). Needs two people to carry.

Can support weight up to 1,000lbs.

Can only support 35-50lbs.

Does not take up much workspace (11.5″ in depth).

Takes up the whole desk.

Can be operated easily while sitting down (turn the knobs to raise up or down).

Stand up, bend over (hard on the back), quickly step back to pull it up, push down to close. Provide no therapeutic benefits.

No need to buy additional eye sore clamp-on monitor hangers.

Must buy additional clamp-on monitor hangers.

Excellent therapeutic benefits to fingers, wrists, arms, back, and legs.

None claimed.

Warranty: Unconditional 1 year if not misused and/or tempered with.

Warranty: Typically 90 days.


Individual buyer: It may be covered by your medical insurance. Get a prescription from your doctor. Submit it and get it approved. Log on and order the model you want.

NOTE: We have special offer of 5% discount for TPDM-101/102/103, if you had carpal tunnel syndrome surgery. Need a letter from your doctor.

Group buyer: The company that you work for must be very interested to have improve health, less absenteeism and high productivity among employees. Talk to your co-workers and then prepare a short written proposal highlighting the great benefits of thera-P-desk. Enclose some doctors prescriptions. Present it to your boss or department head and get the approval to pass it on to HR and facilities department.

NOTE: We offer bulk discount.


Open up the light weight box containing one of the monitor stand TPDM-101/102/103, TPDK-101 key board stand, TPDL-101 leg exerciser and 2(two) coupling attachments. These attachments are used with small 4 volt lithium drill drivers (not supplied) to instantly convert the desk top monitor stands from manual to power operations. If need be, these inexpensive drivers may be purchased from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and local hardware stores. Place the monitor stand on the desk and install the monitor(s) permanently on top. Get the keyboard stand and set it on the side. Make electrical connections to the monitor. Strongly recommend using wireless keyboard and mouse to eliminate wire clutter. If not, make electrical connections. Place the foot exerciser under the desk.


Sitting on your chair, work normally. Place the monitor stand all the way back to get lots of desk space. Use the leg exerciser to provide good blood circulation.


Stay seated. Turn the two knobs clockwise or counter clockwise to raise or lower the montior(s) straight up or down between 6 to 9 inches suited to your height and comfort level. The top of the monitor stand is slip resistant. Do not worry if the top of the stand is not level. Simply eye ball. There are two sets of legs for the key board stand. If you are less than 6ft tall, attach the shorter set of legs. If you are really tall, attach the longer set of legs. See the enclosed operation instruction. Bring the key board stand in front of the monitor(s) and place the keyboard, mouse, and wrist support. Stand up normally and work.


The Keyboard stand comes with factory installed shorter legs suitable for vast majority of users under 6 ft tall. Nothing to adjust or assemble. Taller user may wish to install 2nd set of legs by simply removing the wing nuts and the shorter legs followed by installing the taller set of legs. Place the Keyboard stand in front of the Monitor stand, place Keyboard, Wrist support and Mouse. Ready to stand up and work normally.


The height adjustment is exactly the same as the keyboard stand.


AMARK SYSTEMS INC is engaged in developing a futuristic workplace to make sure employees health is paramount for productivity, less absenteeism, decrease health care cost all contributing to increased profit. We can design and install a complete custom designed workplace, small, medium, or large using any combination of our unique product lines. 


1. EXECUTIVE SERIES. Monitor and Keyboard stands made from OAK veneered plywood and stained.

TPDKT1 – Will come with the conversion kit and power lift kit. For do-it-yourself individuals to convert their existing knee hole desk to a Therapy Desk. It will allow the entire top of the desk to be raised or lowered manually or by power drive to enable working sitting down or standing up. It’s essential to be able to detach the top of the desk.

Therapy Desk Sample
Therapy Desk Concept

TPDKT roll 1 – A kit that can be assembled easily to make a roll around adjustable height desk. Ideal for DIY types. A simpler version of fixed height Rolling desk to work standing up, without jacks will be available ideally suited for Hospitals, Warehouses, Fulfillment centers etc. Usually laptops are used in these applications. However if a desktop computer is used we can supply portable power supply to be used on these rolling desks. These products will be available within the next 60 days.

Therapy Desk Sample 2
Therapy Desk Concept 2

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