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Testimonial: Dr. R.K.S. MD. "I highly recommend Therapy Desk products for better health."

I invented thera-P-desk, a unique, revolutionary, and patented family of desktop and laptop devices, to provide therapeutic help to fingers, wrists, arms, legs, and spines of millions of people world wide. Most people typically work sitting down on computers and laptops for long hours at a time. Our products help to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, back, leg, and circulatory problems that are often associated with working on desktop and laptop computers.


Like many well-known companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, HP, Xerox, IBM and many more started in a garage or a dorm, we also started off in a garage. To help billions of people around the world, working mostly sitting down with a desktop or laptop at home or office, getting carpal tunnel, back, and circuilatory problems thera-P-desk was designed to help people to have better health and be more efficient and productive workforce.

Different users of these products will experience from no benefit to a lot of benefits. None is guaranteed. Also it may be covered by your medical insurance. Consult your doctor for prescription and submit it for approval with your medical insurance provider. Nothing in this presentation should be considered as medical advice.

AMARK SYSTEMS Inc, located in the Northern suburb of Dallas, Texas, USA. We have vast exerience in mechanical and electrical systems as well as furniture manufacturing. 

Note: To accommodate our expansion plans we have recently moved from garage to a 9.65 acres operation facility. We are ready to ship whatever quantity you might want to order.

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